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Pipe Fence Facts

Looking for a new fence with no maintenance and can last a lifetime? Try a pipe fence. But make sure you get the pipe fence facts first.

Pipe fence is a recycled product from the oil fields, mostly coming in from Texas. It’s durable, long lasting, and one of the best fences you can invest in for your property. Not all pipe is created equally. Not all welds are created equally either. Choose someone who knows their material and has the skills.

What’s that actually mean?

It means that the type of pipe and the quality of the welds make a big difference in the longevity and durability of your pipe fence. Follow along as I tell you a few things you need to remember before hiring a pipe fence contractor.

Buy the right pipe

To the layman, a pipe is a pipe is a pipe. Heck, to a lot of contractors, giving you the cheapest pipe is always the best choice – for them at least.  At All Aspects Fencing, LLC , we believe that the right pipe now can save in the long run.

Let me explain. Anyone can find pipe to buy – there are lots of suppliers out there. But not all pipe is the same. There’s a lot of junk out there and a load of pipe that seems like a good deal by price alone might just end up being costlier in the long run. A bad load of pipe will cost more time in production than the 20 cent saved per foot. All Aspects Fencing has tried multiple pipe suppliers and the fact is, we’ve been through the bad, the ugly, and we’re sticking with the good.

Well done welds

Another small but critical piece of the pipe fence puzzle? The welds. Welding is defined as “To join (metals) by applying heat, sometimes with pressure and sometimes with an intermediate or filler metal having a high melting point.” Seems easy enough. Until you try it. Having a certified and experienced welder means the welds that literally hold your fence together will actually last, as well as look good.

Often, pipe fences are made with oil field pipe. That’s some of the nastiest metal we’ve ever had to work with. To make sure your pipe fence looks good on the outside as well as on the inside, we use special techniques and tools to do the job. Whether it’s a plasma cutter, special hand tools or welding rods created specifically for these metals, we make sure your joins look and hold better than that of your average welder.

Experience Matters

All Aspects Fencing, LLC specializes in pipe fence. This means we work with it more than most of our competitors, and by doing that we can get our jobs done faster and looking better. We are the right fence contractor choice if you believe in paying once for exceptional quality, rather than paying less now and more a second time to fix mistakes.

When you work with All Aspects Fencing, LLC you are hiring a company with experience that uses quality materials, skilled labor, and the latest technology & tools and know how to get the job done in a timely matter.

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