Do you need support wire on a T-post fence?

This month’s “Good Fence/Bad Fence” post highlights the importance of support wire on your T-post fence.

Time to learn about support wire in our Good Fence/Bad Fence section. We’ll be trying to post some good and not so good examples of what you should expect when you hire a fencing contractor.

The good examples come from us – All Aspects Fencing. The bad examples … well, we won’t name names, but make sure you talk to your potential fencing contractor’s former customers and see samples of the company’s work. Find out where previous work was done and drive by yourself. Two or three years later, the fence quality will continue to show.

Now for the details:

Example of a competitor's poorly installed fence.

A bad example of support wire. All Aspects Fencing did NOT build this!

If you’ve ever paid attention to a T-post fence you might notice one or two wires clipped above the main weave. Those wires aren’t just for show, but are an integral part of the fence, and just as important as the bulk of the woven wire.

What does the safety wire do?

If you’ve got a no climb or T-post fence, you’ll want the safety wire to protect the woven wire from damage. This damage is often caused by animals crushing it while leaning over to enjoy the proverbial grass on the other side of the fence, or when deer jump over in their daily forays. Either way, good decisions by your fence contractor today mean a longer life for your fence.

Support wire on All Aspects Fencing job.

This is one of All Aspect Fencing’s jobs. Note how we make sure it’s done right.

At All Aspects Fencing you will never see one of our fences without at least one support wire clipped above the woven wire. In some instance – depending upon location and expected usage – we may use more. The barbed wire or barbless wire we use as the T-post safety wire is very inexpensive, but it can save you thousands in repair work over the life of your fence.

Let us provide you with an estimate for your T-post fence. We’re fair, dependable, do exceptional work and are available in Central Oregon – Bend, Redmond, Madras, Prineville, Sisters and beyond. Give us a call at 541-668-7005.