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Shadow Box your Residential Fence Posts

residential cedar fence by All Aspects Fencing

Time for another Good Fence / Bad Fence entry.

Wood Fence Worries

What if we told you that it’s possible to have a beautiful wood fence without worrying about the posts rotting away under the soil line? Sounds a bit like magic, doesn’t it? But it’s not, trust us. We do it all the time.  Now, what if we told you we could build that fence without looking at ugly galvanized fence posts?

The way it often works

Let’s back up a moment and go over some details. Here’s what you need to know about residential wood fences. There are several standard ways to install fence posts. If your builder wants to cut costs, he will bury your untreated 4×4 directly in the ground. That fence isn’t going to last very long before it starts to sag or sway as the wood rots away. If you don’t care what your fence looks like in 3 to 4 years, then we suppose you got what you paid for.

How it’s done better

More reputable builders will use treated 4x4s. When buried in the soil, these definitely last longer. Longer being a relative term. If you’re investing in your home, you probably aren’t going to want to rebuild your fence in 7 or 8 years. Central Oregon may be a dry climate, but soil is soil is soil.

For homeowners who understand the value of investing in quality products, an exceptional residential fence build means galvanized metal fence posts. Yup… they’re strong, and they aren’t going to rot.

Some builders go with galvanized posts

This is *not* how All Aspects Fencing will leave your fence.

OK, we’re not going to lie. Those pipes? They can be pretty ugly to look at. You’ve already got the more utility side of the fence, why make it unattractive? You’ll probably sell it some day.

How we do it best

At All Aspects Fencing, we’ve got the fix for that too. We use shadow-boxes for our fence posts. You get the strength and longevity of galvanized fence posts, without the unattractive look.

We set your posts the normal way – concreted in below frost depth – and then build the box around them above ground level. Here’s a view mid-way through.

Partially boxed residential fence post, the All Aspects Fencing way!


Maintain the value of your investment

If you’re a homeowner who plans on maintaining the value of your investment – both structurally and visually – give All Aspects Fencing a call today. We’ll give you all your options and work within your budget to give you a residential fence that can maintain or even add value to your home.

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