Fencing 101: What to use and when to use it

Fencing can have a large impact on your peace of mind and your property value; it can enhance and secure your animals and assets, but it can also add visual appeal to the property. But choosing the correct fencing for your needs can be a daunting task. Below is a list of the varieties of fencing that All Aspects Fencing provides, along with a description to help you better decide when and where to use it!

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  • No Climb
    • No climb fence can be used for all types of livestock including horses, llamas, alpacas, sheep, and goats.

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  • Barbed Wire:
    • This fencing is typically used for livestock, particularly cattle. Barbed wire is not recommended for horses.

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  • Post and Rail
    • This fencing, often referred to as farm or horse fence, can be used for both agricultural and decorative purposes.

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  • Pipe and Cable
    • Pipe& Cable fencing is generally used for agricultural purposes and is recommended for cattle and horses. This fence can also be used for riding arenas.

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  • Cedar
    • Generally used for residential fencing; cedar does not warp or shrink and is the perfect material for picket fence, ornamental fence or private fence.

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  • Vinyl
    • This fencing comes in a variety of colors and textures, is nearly five times as strong as wood and the upkeep of vinyl fencing is next to nothing.

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  • Chain Link
    • This is a type of woven fence usually made from galvanized steel. Generally used for enclosing backyards, sport fields, playgrounds and industrial areas. Chain Link fence is very durable and works great for containing large and small dogs.

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